Mom, Dad, I’m here!

Oh Vienna, I was missing you!

Another season has started and here I am, in Wien, getting ready for it.

This time, to arrive here, I flew with Brussels Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, like TAP Portugal, but unlike this last one, Brussels Airlines don’t have meals on board for Light & Relax Package Flight. Anyway, I just brought 9 extra kg for a small price and that was really helpful.

After 2 flights, connecting in Brussels, where I had a Playstation station (yes, is exactly what you are thinking) just next to my embarkation door, I caught a train, from Wien Airport, directly to the city center for only 4,40€. Not the CAT train, the regular one. Every 15 minutes there’s one and it’s half an hour drive.

I met my friend Rui in Landstrasse Mitte Wien and together we went to his and his girlfriend’ house where a beautifully cooked meal was already wanting for my starving stomach. We had a nice Austrian Red Wine after dinner and went to sleep early ’cause a long day was waiting for me today. Also, a very nice and comfortable sofa-bed was prepared for me! I’m so spoiled!!

I woke up around 8 am, had breakfast and went out with Rui. We’ve split in the subway and I went directly to the ship where I’ve met my new colleagues. Again the only Portuguese on board, but is something that I’m already getting used to it.

A lot of things to learn in this few days ahead!

Enjoy your journeys,


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